Sell Your Inherited House Fast

Don’t Stress About Selling an Inherited House.  Our Experts Can Simplify the Process.

Do not let the stress of selling an inherited home ruin all the great memories of your family.  Home inheritance can be a great benefit to you and your relatives, but the frustration of cleaning out belongings, fighting with family and the unknown of trying to sell the property can hamper that benefit.  Investus Home Buyers has been the trusted source to help many families sell their inherited homes and not have to endure the burdens that come along with having to sell your inherited property.

Investus is the Trusted Choice to Buy Your Inherited House


  • Experience negotiating with estate planners, attorney’s and legal staff that hinder fast sales
  • Ability to have difficult and expensive heirship issues solved through easy and inexpensive means with reputable title companies


No Will? No Problem


Our title company partners are experts at solving difficult heirship situations


Debts Due?


Inherited debts and judgements will be paid at closing


Damaged Eye Sore?


We are able to clean out properties so you do not have to!


Needing Repair?


We buy as-is, in any condition so you do not have to worry about repairs


Bad Tenants


We are experts at dealing with evictions to facilitate the sale

Get a Cash Offer Fast

Sell Your Inherited Home Fast in Houston TX | Investus Home Buyers